female nurse and senior woman smiling
hands holding a wrapped present

Home for the Holidays: Celebrating Festive Joy in Nursing Homes

Christmas is a time for sharing, family, and fun. For many seniors in nursing homes, however, it can be a lonely and isolated time. That's why our staff here at Kirkland Court Health and Rehabilitation make it a point to help our residents enjoy the...

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Seniors smiling looking at a tablet

Technology-Driven Nursing Homes: Fostering Connection, Engagement, and Well-being

The future of nursing homes will continue to evolve with technology—technology-driven solutions for connection and engagement and the well-being of those at Kirkland Court Health and Rehabilitation. Those days of isolated residents who used to...

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A Man and a Woman using a Laptop Together

Nursing Home Cost: Things You Need to Know

As life pages turn, the need for care and support often becomes more prominent for those advancing age. For some, this journey leads to considering nursing home living, a step not taken lightly. It is important to recognize that the financial...

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a caregiver walking an elderly in the room

Skilled Nursing: Providing Compassionate Care for Seniors

As we age, our bodies often need more attention and care. This is especially true for seniors who have chronic illnesses or mobility issues. Skilled nursing care is essential for these seniors, providing them with the comprehensive loving care and...

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two person holdings hands

Community, Companionship, and Care: The Importance of Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes have been an essential part of our healthcare system for many years, offering skilled nursing care, medication management, and essential companionship to seniors with medical needs. Kirkland Court Health and Rehabilitation believes in...

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two senior sitting on a sofa hugging

Aging with Grace: Choosing the Right Nursing Home for Your Loved...

As seniors enter later life stages, their well-being takes center stage and ensuring top-quality care becomes most important. Nursing homes are at times the best options for seniors needing continuous support. In Amarillo, Texas, Kirkland Court...

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